Profile of the Department

List of Existing Faculty Members

1. Shah Alam Hussain, M.A.

2. Dr. Ramjan Ali Ahmed, M.A., Ph.D.

3. Abdus Sattar Choudhury, M.A.

The Department of History in the BhawanipurAnchalik  College, Bhawanipur, Barpeta, Assam was introduced in the Year 1987 and honors course was opened at degree level from the session 1995-96.Started with just one part time lecturer in the shape of Late Sarbananda Choudhury, who was then a lecturer of B.H.B. College, Sarupeta. We, the faculty members of the Department of History are indebted to him and therefore in this opportunity we would like to offer our heartfelt homage to this demised person.  Afterwards some regular teachers were being appointed gradually.

                       As a prominent subject of humanities, History always plays an important role in the intellectual improvement of human nation. Thus, the Department of History, B.A. College has also been playing an active & important role in the academic up-liftmen of this institution as well as the intellectual improvement of a section of the society. Some students having History subject both as Major & General have successfully completed Degree Programme. Many of them are now well-established in the society.

                       Presently we have three regular and one part-time faculty members in the Department of History, who have been extending their all co-operation and service for the development of the college.

                      Although we have an intense desire in supporting something through the faculty of History for all round development of the college, but certain weaknesses like-

  • Lack of brilliant students in the entry level.
  • Growing disinterest among some students in pursuing studies in social science, specially History.
  • Exclusion of the subject from the list of core subjects in school level curriculum leading to the steady decline in enrollment at the college level, always stand as a great bar.

Department of History at a glance:

  • Name of the Department- History
  • Year of establishment- 1987
  • Year of opening Major Course- 1994-95
  • Year of Permission for opening major course (1996).
  • Govt. Concurrence to Major Course. (2000)


To develop proper understanding of History through a critical reading of our past, so as to build a strong India and to promote international understanding among the students. The future of a nation depends upon the deepest driving desire of the youth community and the youth community can be shaped in the right prospective by academic excellence incessantly. The vision of our department is there for to create academic excellence by imparting liberal quality education, meaningful training and research so that the youth of today becomes a capable and responsible citizen of tomorrow for the bright future of the nation.


  1. To guide the students in all competitive examination in which our subject is much importance.
  2. To create awareness and character building among, the students.
  3. To develop social and cultural, national unity and integrity.
  4. To create self confidence among the students.
  5. Class seminar and group discussion.
  6. To create self confidence among the students.
  7. To prepare and encourage them for higher education.

Programmed Offered:

Sl. No.

Course Name

Major/General Course



Bachelor  of Arts

Major/ Honours

Three Years (Six Semester)


Bachelor  of Arts

General Course/ Regular Course

Three Years (Six Semester)

Daily Class Routine for the Session 2022-23

Department- History