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Welcome to the Department of Physics, Bhawanipur Anchalik College!


With the establishment of the Physics Department in 2023, the department has been dedicated to foster a passion for physics among the students and cultivating a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment. Equipped with laboratories and technological resources, extensive research oriented collaborative networks, the department offers students hands-on experiences that bridge theory and application of physics. From quantum mechanics to astrophysics, the skilled faculties working actively in various research domains of physics provide students with a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of physics while encouraging critical thinking, analytical skills, and innovative problem-solving techniques.

Year of Estabishment: 2023




  1. Foster academic excellence: To offer an all-encompassing and demanding educational curriculum that empowers students with a profound comprehension of essential concepts in physics and enables them to effectively utilize scientific methodologies.

  2. Cultivate scientific temperament: To cultivate an environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity, motivating both students and faculty to pose fundamental inquiries, delve into novel concepts, and embrace continuous learning.

  3. Promote interdisciplinary collaboration: To actively promote collaboration with various scientific disciplines, cultivating interdisciplinary research endeavors that address intricate challenges and stimulate innovation across multiple fields.

  4. Train future physicists: We are dedicated to nurturing and mentoring the next generation of physicists, providing them with a strong foundation in theoretical and experimental physics, research experience, and professional skills necessary careers in academia, industry.

  5. Conduct research: To nurture and guide the upcoming generation of physicists, equipping them with a solid grounding in both theoretical and experimental physics.

  1. Global recognition: We aspire to be a recognized and respected Department of Physics in the state as well as in the country, known for our scientific contributions, research excellence, and the quality of education we provide.

  2. Advancing frontiers: We seek to be at the forefront of scientific discovery, actively engaging in cutting-edge research that advances our understanding of the universe, from the microscopic to the cosmic scales.

  3. Technological impact: We aim to contribute to technological advancements by translating fundamental scientific knowledge into practical applications, addressing societal challenges, and driving innovation in various sectors.

  4. Collaborative network: We strive to establish and nurture collaborations and partnerships with leading research institutions, industries, and governmental organizations, fostering a vibrant network of scientific exchange and collaboration.

  5. Addressing grand challenges: We endeavor to tackle significant scientific and societal challenges contributing to the betterment of society and the sustainable development of our planet.

Faculty profile(s):

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Dr. Darpan Bhattacharjee

B.Sc.: Dibrugarh University,

M.Sc.: Cotton University,

Ph.D.: Gauhati University (in collaboration with CPP-IPR)

1st June, 2023

Assistant Professor-I

& HoD

Plasma Physics, Nuclear Fusion


Dr. Rajkamal Kakoti

B.Sc.: Gauhati University,

M.Sc.: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati,

Ph.D.: NERIST, Itanagar

1st June, 2023

Assistant Professor-I

Plasma Physics,

Non-Linear Dynamics,

Magnetism & S.C., Quantum Optics


Dr. Vivek Baruah Thapa

B.Sc.: Cotton University,

M.Sc.: Tezpur University,

Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur

1st June, 2023

Assistant Professor-I

Nuclear Astrophysics,

Compact Objects

Research Domains:

The faculty members of the Department have been participating actively in both theoretical & experimental research  works in the following areas:

Plasma Physics; Non-Linear Dynamics; Nuclear Fusion; Nuclear Astrophysics; Compact Objects; Particle Physics; Gravitational waves,

with publishing a total of 29 research articles/ book chapters in SCI, Scopus & Web of Science indexed journals [in last 5 (five) years] of which the statistics are: 2019 - 7%; 2020 - 21%, 2021 - 17%, 2022 - 34%, 2023 - 21%.

The faculty members have also exhibited their respective works as presentations & invited talks in a total of 14 National, 6 International conferences or Universities.

Please visit the respective profiles of the faculty members for additional information.

Academic collaboration(s):

The Department also has active research collaborations with various national & international reputed research institutes/ universities namely:


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