About Collge

Bhawanipur Anchalik College is one of the nerve centres of Higher Education in the vast rural area of Bhawanipur, Assam. It was in the year 1982, this premier institute of Higher Education was initially started in the premises of Bhawanipur Primary Health Centre. The establishment of Bhawanipur Anchalik College was possible mainly due to the contributions and hard works of the people of Bhawanipur and its adjoining areas. The college was shifted to its present site in 1984.  The institution is located on the western side of 31 No National Highway, 2 kilometers from Bhawanipur Chowk Bazar and four kilometers from Sarupeta Railway Station. Bhawanipur Anchalik College was affiliated to the University of Gauhati in 1991 and was brought under deficit grants-in-aid system of the State Government in 1996. The College is being managed by a Governing Body constituted under the management rules of the Department of Higher Education, Government of Assam, India. Bhawanipur Anchalik College has been included in 2f and 12(B), Registration Act of UGC in January, 2006. The serene atmosphere, calm green surrounding, water reservoir in the form of fishery, and abled administration are conducive to academic pursuits. To prepare students to meet the challenges of the modern world and inculcate the spirit of leadership of different avenues have all along been the guiding principles of the college. The college has been maintaining good record of performances in the Council and University Examinations.

In the year 2012, the Governing Body with thorough scrutiny of the demand of the locality planned to apply for the permission from the University of Gauhati to open Commerce Stream. As per the planning, application was submitted and the university, after official inspection, granted permission to open Commerce Stream by its official Memo No. GU/AFF/2012/2315-18, Dated 11- 06 -12. Thus, the college has made proper provision of Commerce education since 2013 for the students of the greater Bhawanipur Area in specific and Assam, India in general.