Beautician Training Centre Committee

Beautician Training Centre, Bhawanipur Anchalik College

Beauty reflects health. Therefore, beauty practices are essential for every human being. Beauty treatments have been in use in our society since ancient times, but now they are widely promoted and spread. In view of their importance, beauty courses have also been included in educational institutions. The beauty and wellness sector is growing at a fast pace in our society. It contributes a lot to the country’s economic growth and is gradually becoming a leading employer.

Educational institutions play an important role in providing beauty education. Bhawanipur Anchalik College (BAC) has always taken the lead in providing this type of skill development education. The Beautician Training Centre (BTC) was formed in 2017 in collaboration with the Assian Mission Institute under ASDM. The aim of the beautician training course is to develop the student’s practical skills and theoretical knowledge and professional attitudes to achieve success and to improve their self-confidence.

The centre at BAC functions as per the mission, vision, and objectives given below:


1. Providing an opportunity to pursue a career in the field of beauticians.

2. Laying a strong foundation in both theory and practice that will prepare our students for an exciting journey in the beauty industry leading to high self-esteem and a quality lifestyle.

3. To enable the youth of our society to earn a respectable livelihood and to become gig entrepreneurs.


1. Together, may we give our youth and women the skilful roots to grow and the wings to fly.

2. To promote women's empowerment and skill in beauty therapy with innovative techniques according to the needs of society.

3. To achieve excellence in the field of beauty and to meet the emerging needs of both the beauty and fashion industries of society.

4. Maintaining programs that are constantly updated to ensure that our students are prepared to successfully enter the professional beauty industry.


1. To provide self-employment and preparation to take on the responsibility of the future.
2. To prepare students with knowledge and skills to be eligible for entry-level to advanced-level employment in the beauty field.
3. A beautician course can help them earn more income and become economically self-sufficient and independent.
4. It will help them to support their family needs without being dependent on others.
5. To provide valuable skills that would help women come out of poverty.

The BTC at BAC currently is functioning under the supervision of the members given below:

1. Principal of the College (Advisor)

2. Ms. Smita Rabha (Coordinator)

At present, a certificate course in this regard is going on under the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), with around 60 students enrolled. Ms. Krishnamoni Talukdar is the course instructor.