From the Desk of the Principal

Your entry into the sector of higher education is highly been welcomed by the head of the institution. The management authority and the college family members have greeted you all to the sector of higher education which has been waiting for your participation for the affluence of your individual life and thereby the life of the society you belong to. We are clear that with enthusiasm and elevated hopes you have come to our institution and with specified mission we are to take care of you, the destiny makers of the society. Friends, we have been working with specific mission and well set vision considering the concerned demands and difficulties for making you all the real human resources of the society.

The society you belong to is very rich from the sides of emotional bindings and social cohesion but poor from economic strength. Most of you are fortunate enough in availing the opportunity of Free Admission under the Special Government Package. The Government has been supporting you all from all sides so as to help you become real participators in the sector of Knowledge Economy. Progression of the society as per the plan of the Government as well as the expectation and dream of the society has close link with the process of personality formation of you all. If you realize your own potentiality in realistic comportment and become sincere in making you fit for the participation in the process of economic change in grand scale, the success of the sector of higher education will become more vibrant. There is the need of proportionate involvement by all and you are to persuade everybody to work for the good of you all because the superior status of the country is basically linked with your own belligerent status in work.

The contributions of the stakeholders and well wishers in overcoming many difficult situations and in overall development of the institution are very positive. Because of such positive role of the participators, we are successful in reaching the present spot of identity in the sector of higher education of the country. We are hopeful that by crossing the transitional phase of existence, with your disciplined participation in all the curricular and co-curricular activities we will be one of the leader institutions of the area and in the sector of higher education of the state and the country within a very short time.

In the diversified world order, there is the growing demand of understanding each other with strong spirit of human dignity. There is also the demand of expansion of the mental horizon for understanding the cultures of different nations of the world for peaceful co-existence and survival. There is Universal landscape in the way of expression of human feelings with the help of diverse languages in the world. Thus, there is universal human acquaintance among all, though we live in varied society, exposing diversity in lifestyles. Higher education helps to broaden the mental perspective of the participators which is the prerequisite for cohesive coexistence.

Considering all these, the need to understand different cultures has become an emergent issue in today's education and societies as relationships among countries have become more intertwined and peaceful existence depends on proper cultural understanding and exchange. For this the need of an ideal institution with democratic culture creating the spirit of ethnic integration, social integration, national integration and international awareness among the learners has become the urgent demand. Understanding of various cultures and learning of different opinions and values by the learners can be made feasible through the incorporation of technology into the curricular exercises which has very rapidly been increasing in the global situation. Therefore, at the time of educational planning all these issues are to be considered in proper manner for helping the learners develop the spirit of oneness among the citizens of the nations. We are partially successful and committed to achieve the highest target by being united and performing our versatile roles considering the place of existence and specialties of the demographic dividend of the locality. Wish all success in all areas of life.

Thank you all.

Dr. Mukunda Sarma, (M.A., B.Ed., M. Phil., Ph.D.)

Principal, Bhawanipur Anchalik College Bhawanipur, Barpeta, Assam.