Mission & Vision

Vision of the College

Bhawanipur Anchalik college was established at Bhawanipur, an Assamese Vaishnava Sattra area in the year 1982 with a view to disseminate Higher Education amongst the rural poverty stricken masses, providing ease of access of women and enriching the people of Bhawanipur and its adjoining areas to the new horizon of changing educational scenario of the country and the globe. This vision, i.e. the dream has partially been fulfilled. The changing situations have compelled to reset the vision and with the dream of the people who toiled to establish the institution, Bhawanipur Anchalik College has planned to impart education as per the demand of life of the citizens, knowledge market and changed time.

Mission of the College

Mission of an institution means the particular task done by an institution. The institution has been imparting education in Higher Secondary and Degree levels in Arts Stream. However, to make the students fit for the knowledge based COVID – 19 caused severe and overwhelming shocked globalised social orders, with special expertise in different sectors of work, it has made provision of Commerce Education in undergraduate level, KKHSOU’s Courses, IDOL Courses, and Courses under USHA SEWING School etc. It has been organizing Awareness Camps to impart education for empowerment, improving social contact, spreading messages for social harmony, making the spirit of national integration stronger, working for environmental protection and demographic unity, which are the specifications of the goal of higher education under the parameter of Extension of Knowledge to the masses.