Planning Committee

Planning Committee, Bhawanipur Anchalik College

The Planning Committee (PC) of Bhawanipur Anchalik College (BAC) is a dynamic group dedicated in shaping the strategic direction and development of the institution. The PC comprises the president of the governing body, the principal of the college, experienced faculty members, and the IQAC Coordinator, who collaborate to devise comprehensive plans and initiatives for academic and organizational growth. This committee plays a pivotal role in envisioning future goals, assessing resources, and implementing innovative strategies to enhance the overall student experience. At present, the PC is functioning with the active participation of the officials mentioned below:

1. President of the Governing Body (Chairperson)

2. Principal of the College (Coordinator)

3. Dr. Birinchi Kumar Das (GB Member)

4. Vice-Principal of the College (Member)

5. IQAC Coordinator (Member)

6. Unit Secretary, Teaching Staff (Member)

7. Mr. Raju Kumar Das (Member)

8. Dr. Samiran Sarma (Member)