Sakha Sahitya Sabha, Bhawanipur Anchalik College

Bhawanipur Anchalik Mahavidyalaya Sakha Sahitya Sabha (Registration No: 30/2015-17)

Bhawanipur Anchalik Mahavidyalaya Sakha Sahitya Sabha, a division of Asom Sahitya Sabha, is dedicated to nurturing Assamese literature and culture, aiming to preserve and advance the region's rich literary heritage. Under the presidency of Dr. Dhrubajyoti Bora in 2014, preparations were made for its formation at the college. Again, Dr. Mukunda Sarma, the then principal, and Barpeta Zilla Sahitya Sabha showed strong initiative in getting official recognition of the Asom Sahitya Sabha. During the fifth plenary session of the Executive Committee on April 24, 2016, with a branch registration number of 30/2015–2017, the above-mentioned Sabha of the college got its recognition. This branch has admitted 25 members as life members of the Asom Sahitya Sabha, contributing to the vibrant cultural landscape of the region. The brach of Sahitya Sabha in the college has been conducting different events at its level to promote its motto. Below are the mission, vision, and governance of the Sabha.


1. To promote the Assamese language and literature in the branch's jurisdiction.

2. To organize cultural and literary events to showcase Assamese culture and heritage.

3. To publish books and magazines in Assamese to enrich the Assamese literary landscape.

4. To provide a platform for Assamese writers and artists to showcase their work and interact with each other.

5. To work towards the preservation and promotion of Assamese culture and heritage in the branch's jurisdiction.


1. To be a leading center for the promotion of Assamese language and literature in the branch's jurisdiction, especially among the students and teachers of the college.

2. To be a vibrant cultural hub that showcases the richness and diversity of Assamese culture.

3. To be a publisher of high-quality Assamese books and magazines that are accessible to a wide audience.

4. To be a platform for Assamese writers and artists to achieve their full potential and contribute to the enrichment of Assamese culture.

5. To play a key role in the preservation and promotion of Assamese culture and heritage in the branch's jurisdiction.


1. Affiliates to Barpeta District Zila Sahitya Sabha.

2. Recognized by the overarching authority of the Asom Sahitya Sabha.


The executive members listed below are registered with the Asom Sahitya Sabha:

1. Dr. Mukunda Sarma (President)

2. Mr. Raju Kumar Das (Vice-President)

3. Mr. Dilip Kumar Deka (Secretary)

4. Mr. Rupam Mazumdar (Assistant Secretary)

5. Dr. Malay Kalita (Treasurer)

6. Ms. Sanghamitra Dev Ray (Administration Convener)

7. Dr. Abdus Salam  (Member)

8. Mr. Manas Kumar Chakrabarty  (Member)

9. Dr. Niva Choudhury (Member)

10. Mr. Abdus Sattar Choudhury (Member)

11. Dr. Samiran Sarma (Member)

12. Mr. Abdul Gofur (Member)

13. Mr. Dhiraj Patgiri (Member)

14. Mr. Nalamani Sharma (Member)


Some of the major events organized by the Sabha are listed below:

Comprehensive Seminar Organized on 31st January, 2017: The Bhawanipur Anchalik College recently hosted an event on "Experimenting in Modern Assamese Drama" in collaboration with the Assam Natya Sammelan. The ceremony began with the lighting of the lamp by Mr. Nooruddin Ahmed, a renowned art director. Dr. Mukunda Sarma, President of Sakha Sahitya Sabha, delivered the welcome address. Mr. Dulal Roy, President of Assam Natya Sammelan, conducted the flag-hoisting ceremony. A lecture on the topic was delivered by Prof. Jagadish Patgiri, a distinguished writer and professor from the Department of Philosophy at Cotton College. The event was graced by esteemed guests, including Dr. Dayanand Pathak, a noted theater expert, and Dr. Pona Mahanta, a respected writer.

Kavi Sammelan held on 1st December, 2017: The event titled "Subra Saratot Xobdor Xugondhi" took place at Bhawanipur Anchalik College in collaboration with the Gopal Ata Sahitya Sanskritik Group. It was inaugurated by Mr. Thaneshwar Malakar, the Deputy Commissioner of Barpeta district and a prominent litterateur. The chief guest for the event was Ismail Hussain, a noted litterateur and critic. Mr. Piyush Pathak, an eminent poet, served as the director of the program.

Jonaki Mela Organized on 29th June, 2018: Conducted under the auspices of 'Jonaki Mel', a literary-cultural initiative of Pathshala, discussions were held focusing on the revival of various cultural elements absent from Assamese tradition. Local artists engaged in creative dialogues about diverse cultural expressions such as weddings, bihu songs, ainams, jikirs, and poetry recitations. Additionally, an essay writing competition centered on the historical figure Lachit Borphukan was organized, further enriching the cultural discourse.

Organized State-Level Seminar on 13th June, 2022The Department of Education at Bhawanipur Anchalik College organized an event titled "Artwork Poetry and Literary Value" in the light of Sri Aurvinder. Dr. Mukunda Sama, the then-principal of the college, presided over the event. The chief guest for the event was Mr. Diganta Biswa Sarma, a recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award.