Central Library of the College

Bhawanipur Anchalik College Central Library was established in the year 1982. Since the time of its foundation, there is unremitting extension of all the facilities for meeting the increased academic demands of the growing number of students.

Presently, in three separate sections the library has been arranged. In the first segment i.e. in the Ground Floor, all Text books have well been preserved. The First Floor has well been equipped as reading room for 180 seats for both teachers and the students. All the Reference books have been preserved in one of the parts of the Second Floor. And in the other part, there is the Digital section with all necessary arrangements for the readers. There are all together 25276 books, 09 subscribed Research Journals, 07 Magazines and 06 Newspapers in traditional format. The reference section has nearly 2011 treasured atypical books of different subjects. At the same time, in the Digital Section, there are 3,15,660 On Line E-Books, 7,500 On Line E-Journals, 05 Databases, 5,000 On Line E-Magazines, 18,536 Of Line Books and 800 E-Newspapers. In totality, the college library has well been computerized for maintaining all records and offering borrowing facilities of the textbooks as per rules and principles and the demands of the readers.

Basically, all the sections of the library remain open from 9-30 A.M. to 4-30 P.M. during the working hours of the college for the readers. Students can borrow books from the library under the well defined rules with the help of the 03 library borrowers’ cards issued as per rules to every student, during the office hours. In addition to this usual facility, the Central Library provides Book Bank facilities to the SC/ST/OBC and economically backward students for all necessary help and academic support.


  • The commodious reading room of the library provides ample facilities for reading to 150 students and 30 teachers at a time.
  • It remains open during the working hours of the college from 9.30 AM to 4.30 PM.
  • The library also subscribes 09 journals and 6 newspapers.
  • The reference section has nearly 2011 books of different discipline.


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