NSS Cell

NSS of Bhawanipur Anchalik College (BAC)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a central sector scheme of the Government of India's Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. It provides opportunities for college students to take part in various government-led community service activities and programmes. The motto of NSS is “Not Me, But You." 

Below are some benefits of becoming a member of the NSS:

1. An accomplished social leader.

2. An efficient administrator.

3. A person who understands human nature.

Currently, NSS of BAC is offering membership to 100 students (50 male and 50 female). All activities of the NSS are as per the regulatory bodies, like DHE and the affiliating university (Gauhati University). Apart from that, the NSS of the college is actively involved in the major issues faced by the nearby society. Being a pioneering institution in an agrarian-based rural society, the primary objective of the college is to nurture the young minds in the college to be the social workers of tomorrow. 

Established in 1992, the NSS of BAC works keeping in mind the mission, vision, aims, and objectives given below:


To create awareness and organise social activities in the community by taking all stakeholders into account for peaceful harmony and lively living.


Serve people living and working in thriving communities and make use of environmentally friendly resource the betterment of humanity.


1. Fostering students' personal development through community service.

2. Enhancing the socio-economic conditions of rural communities.

3. The NSS unit at BAC aspires to establish strong ties with neighbouring villages.

4. Awareness camps aim to eradicate blind faith prevalent in rural areas, organised by our college.

5. Our college's NSS unit conducts various campaigns to understand and address the needs and status of local communities.


1. Collaborating with individuals in our college vicinity.

2. The NSS unit at BhawanipurAnchalik College aims to foster mental and social development in the neighbouring areas surrounding the college.

3. Participating in innovative and productive social endeavours.

4. Improving one's understanding of themselves and the community.

5. Applying academic knowledge practically to address certain challenges.

6. Acquiring expertise in practicing democratic leadership.

7. Gaining proficiency in programme development to facilitate self-employment.

8. Closing the gap between the educated and less educated populations


The NSS team of Bhawanipur Anchalik College comprises the officials listed below:

1. Mr. Khirod Kalita (Program Officer)

2. Mr. Dilip Kumar Deka (Member)

3. Dr. Dulumani Das (Member)

4. Mr. Partha Pratim Barman (Non-Teaching Member)

5. President & General Secretary of Union Body (Student Members)