Rules of Central Library

(01) The library is to remain open from 9-30 A.M. to 4-30 P.M. in all working days.

(02) The issue counter of the library is closed at 3-30 P.M.

(03) Signing of gate register is mandatory for all entrants to the library.

(04) The library facilities open access to all the students and staff members of the college.

(05) All objectionable items are strictly prohibited in the library.

(06) There is the need of depositing Bags and other processionals of the students and staff members in the property counter before entering into the library.

(07) Books are to be returned to the library within 15th days from the date of issue.

(08) Books lost, damaged or defaced in any form are be replaced by the concern borrower.

(09) Loss of reader’s cards are to be brought to the notice of the librarian immediately.

(10) Readers Cards are not transferable