Library Advisory Committee

Library Advisory Committee, Bhawanipur Anchalik College

The Library Advisory Committee (LAC) of our Bhawanipur Anchalik College (BAC) is a vital group dedicated to enhancing the resources and services offered by the college library. The LAC comprises the librarian and faculties, who collaborate to assess the needs of our academic community and recommend initiatives to enrich the library's collections and facilities. This committee plays a crucial role in acquiring new books, digital resources, and technologies that support diverse academic interests and research pursuits. Additionally, they work to improve the library's infrastructure and optimize its services to better serve the needs of students and faculty. At present, the officials given below are associated with the committee. Any suggestions related to the library of BAC can be forwarded to any of the members.


1. Principal of the College (Chairperson)

2. Vice-Principal of the College (Vice-Chairperson)

3. Librarian of the College (Coordinator)

4. Mr. Abdus Sattar Choudhury (Member)

5. Dr. Badruz Zaman Khan (Member)

6. Mr. Abdul Gofur (Member)

7. Dr. Niva Choudhury (Member)

8. Mr. Dhiraj Patgiri (Member)

9. Dr. Rajkamal Kakoti (Member)