Examination Board

The Examination Board of Bhawanipur Anchalik College is a crucial body responsible for overseeing the assessment and evaluation processes that underpin students’ academic journey. Comprising experienced faculty members and administrative staff, the Examination Board ensures the integrity, fairness and reliability of examinations conducted at our institution. This board develops examinations schedules, evaluates question papers, and oversees the grading process to uphold academic standards and promote transparency. The Examination Board plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of education and providing students with a platform to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. The board members are listed below; they form new committees for each type of examination as per the requirement.

1. Principal of the College (Officer in-Charge)

2. Vice-Principal of the College (Assistant Officer in-Charge)

3. IQAC Coordinator (Academic Member)

4. Dr. Samiran Sarma (Coordinator)

5. Dr. Rajkamal Kakoti (Assistant Coordinator)

6. All HoDs (Members)

7. Mr. Maheswar Das (Non-Teaching Member)