OBC Cell

OBC Cell, Bhawanipur Anchalik College

The Other Backward Classes (OBC) cell of Bhawanipur Anchalik College (BAC) was established in 2023. It serves as a platform to address the unique challenges and provide necessary support to OBC students in their academic journey. It also plays a crucial role in promoting inclusivity, advocating for the rights and concerns of OBC students, and ensuring equal opportunities for their academic and personal growth. The cell functions as per the mission and vision listed below:


 1. Foster Inclusivity

 2. Empower OBC Students

 3. Advocacy and Representation

 4. Awareness and Sensitization

 5. Equity and Equal Opportunities




1.  Create a Supportive Network

2.  Academic Excellence

3.  Career Development

4.  Social and Cultural Integration

5.  Leadership and Empowerment


The OBC Cell of BAC is currently functioning with the effort of the following officials:


1. Vice Principal of the college (Chairperson)

2. Ms. Aparna Deka (Coordinator)

3. Mr. Khirod Kalita (Member)

4. Ms. Sanghamitra Dev Ray (Member)